The Class Rep is a Boy in Drag Chapter 1 by Sugar (Oto Nyan Volume 8 Series)

Here is a new series that premieres in Oto Nyan Volume 8, yes as you can see its a 4 koma averaging 4 pages give or take on chapter. This series is titled class Rep is a boy in drag(Iincho is Otokonoko), it is basically the crazy antics between the class rep and her straight man friend, and their back and forth interactions with one another as she attempts to seduce and he attempts to deflect. Everyone this is brought to you by Deus Ex Scans, please enjoy!
Chapter 1



  1. That was a cute.

  2. First of all let me apologize for posting this in another series comments.

    Is there any news about Senran Kagura - Shoujotachi no Shinei? This series hasn't had an update in quite a while, last one was in November, and it's also not on the Projects/Downloads page.
    Just wondering what the reason for that might be.

    Regardless, thanks for all your work.

    1. Senran Has been licensed by Seven seas Publishing here in the USA specifically Senran Kagura - Shoujotachi no Shinei, so as per course typically most scanlators have an unofficial agreement that if a series is licensed than we are to drop a series as a courtesy of showing respect to the US license holders and also avoids copyright infringement. People tend to forget most scanlators origionally created groups to bring untranslated Manga into english because many times publishers over looked niche manga but now thats its licensed we decided to drop the series I have linked the post in which I made the annoucement months ago, also for the record senran has not appeared in comic alive since the anime started and ended, so there wouldnt be any updates to give since it has not appeared in comic alive. We are still doing senran Gueren no Hibi

    2. I didn't know it had been licensed, I usually check this kind of stuff on Manga-Updates and it had the series listed as not being licensed, although now that you mentioned it, I went there to double check and it does say it has a publisher, which I missed the first time, I suppose whomever added the publisher forgot to change the licensed field to yes.
      Thanks for the info.

      PS: You say there hasn't been any new chapters since the anime start, does that mean chapter 14 was the last one to be released thus far? Do you happen to know if the series was canceled?

    3. Good question when the anime started they stopped releasing chapter in comic alive, so we thought once anime was done new chapters would appear, but than the announcement of seven seas occurred and no new chapters have appeared, literally vanished over night my guess since senrean gueren no hibi is still being released and we are still doing it, my theory guren no hibi is carrying the story forward since no signs of the comic alive version have yet to appear, it would make no sense for it to be cancelled since it was picked up by seven seas, it may just be on hiatus but we got to remember also the manga was only made to support the video games


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