Information about Getsurin ni Kirisaku A.K.A Gachirin no kiri saku(Info and reup of download links)

Here is some clarification I keep getting comments from anonymous about naming of our series, I chose Getsurin over Gachirin because Getsurin is one of the alternative names of the series, regardless of the furigana in which this person keeps repeating, Getsurin is  an alternative name to the series, so anonymous can you please take to the time to understand that this series goes by alternative names not just Gachirin regardless of furigana. We took the time to research all the various names and chose this name as our preferred release name and regardless the readers will choose the name version they will want to use regardless of how we name our files or credit pages the readers will choose their preferred name to carry the release.

These are the various names of the series Gachirin ni Kiri Saku  
  • 月下斬魔之花
  • 月輪に斬り咲く
  • Getsurin ni Kirisaku <----------- We chose this name, readers will choose their own name we chose this for our file system, so stop sending comments because you learned a little furigana I know furigana as well, I understand where you are coming from but we chose this name for our releases over gachirin.
  • Killing Blooms Under the Rounded Moon
  • Saku Kills on the Full Moon
  • Sword-Slicing Blossoms When the Moon is Full  
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