Amahara-kun Plus (Amahara-kun Favor Ch. 0)- YES THE LOST CHAPTER 0-ORIGINAL ONESHOT

The First release of the night is something I never expected to occur, this is the infamous lost one shot of Amahara-Kun Plus, the one shot that got turned into the series we all know and love this is the chapter 0 before there were targets there was only a Favor. Just so that everyone knows this is the first release tonight, later tonight I will release Amahara-kun chapter 5 later tonight when editing is done, so while you wait, here is the lost chapter 0 found by a fan of our group who goes by the name of phmoura. Everyone Please enjoy.Its not so much lost just our version....
Chapter 0- Amahara-Kun Favor(Lost One shot)

What's Next:
Amahara-kun Plus chapter 5 coming out later tonight.


  1. Wow a big thank you to phmoura for finding this! I've always wondered how it all started.


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