New Series: Imawabi no Dakini Chapter 1-The Fox God of Mount Hagure

Yes, we bring you another series that's had it coming for a long time now. Truth be told, we planned on doing this series for a while but we gave up when it seemed like Village Idiot Scans was going to do it and out of respect we were attempting to avoid a dual release so we picked up "Absolute Duo" instead. Well, as it so happens, Village Idiot Scans wanted to do DUO as well and we ended up negotiating. The result? Village Idiot will be doing "Absolute Duo" from now on and we will be doing this series you are about to read now! It is with that that Deus Ex Scans is proud to present chapter 1 of "Imawabi no Dakini" ! ENJOY!
Chapter 1- The Fox God of Mount Hagure
-Fixed a Minor redraw issue- all new links are up since last night, how is everyone like the series, and in case your wondering I have all the current chapters scanned up to current chapter 5


  1. Thanks for the chapter

  2. Thanks for the release. I really liked this one a lot and am eagerly awaiting the next chapter! :)

  3. It was extremely good for the first chapter, really caught my attention. Great job, and please release more! :)

  4. shy main charater that turn into a sadistic yandere?
    gap-moe!! <3


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