Getsurin ni Kiri Saku Chapter 11-Kaina and Sakuya -Deep-Seated Delusion-

The conclusion of the Night Attack! The battle rages on between Sakuya and Kaina... JUST WHO WILL WIN! Please read on to find out as Deus Ex Scans is absolutely THRILLED to present chapter 11, the last chapter of volume 2, of "Getsurin ni Kiri Saku" !
Chapter 11- Deep-Seated Delusion

Volume 2 Complete


  1. Can I upload works you have done to a free online reader with your credits intact? As more of a blanket request since it's not clear in your FAQ.

  2. Thanks for asking! Feel free... as long as you keep our credit page we won't mind... please tell what the name of this free online reader is when you have our projects up!

  3. The Reader is called Dynasty-scans, Though we're starting with the joint projects with Hachimitsu


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