Update and News 01/28/2013

New Magazine raws arrived in the mail today we have a new issue of comic alive and new issue of dengeki maoh basically the magazine we get tokage no ou from.

Chapters that arrived today;

  •  New Chapter of Tokage no ou- Really kickass chapter, we learn more about the girl somuno sorry for mispell and as well see a new side of tokage, I mean he looks crazy lol I love it.

  • New chapter of Machine Doll (FTH)
  • No New Chapter of Senran Kagura for some reason they seem to be not publishing new chapters but instead are doing alot of advertsing  pages but nothing in terms of updates to series, just alot advertisting for anime- i wont waste your time scanning anime interviews.
  • Machine doll is getting an anime for all those who didn't know.
  • New chapter of I’ll make  you into an Otaku, so make me into a Riaj┼ź! for (Imanga)

    Other news for fans what we are working on:
    1. Getsurin chapter 4 will be released tonight meaning 01/28/2013
    2. We are also editing Twin Game Chapter 2- yes it was so good the one shot they gave it another one shot.
    3. Sensei anone chapter 2- TL is done- Editing in process
    4. Bokura No Kiseki chapter 19 we have script, is in tlc/proofing, there is no date on release it will be released when we are done editing the chapter, when we dont know alot of redraws take time.
    5. Senran Kagura snake girls vol. 2 is in TL
    6. Nyatto! 11 is in translation.
    7. Oto nyan one shots and ongoing in translation- Most important script for amaharakun-plus chapter 3 is the one next to be translated today.


  1. I recently found this group, thanks for the update njmanga,greetings from mexico.

  2. kyaa, can't wait for chappy 19 of bukura. great job deux, thank you for translating this awesome manga

  3. Yeah, Amahara-kun!!!!1 (>o<)/!!!! I want to read it,

  4. Been awhile since there's an update about bokura.

  5. finally, senran kagura burst 2. i hope it come out soon.


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