Tokage No Ou Chapter 9- Let's Get READY TO RUMBLE

We can finally see the breaking point when a man realizes he has had enough, What will happen to our hero, what will decide his fate, will he lay down and cry or will he fight. As always this manga brought to you by Deus Ex scans and Vexed Scans, we proudly present Tokage No Ou Chapter 9.
Chapter 9


  1. im interested in your work, in this espacific manga, i want to help, in any kind of work, anything just to make this manga release more faster, thank for your hard work

  2. Thank you so much - along with Vexed Scans - for this series. Wow, the last few chapters have been pretty brutal but kudos to Tokage for not snapping and trying something. Having a "fraud" has the main character is pretty interesting.

    1. im looking forward to what will happen next as well

  3. Arigatto,I liked it (this manga),I'm here and waiting for next ch. :D Thanks again.


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