Update- 1-13-2013

I am currently working on Nyatto 10, along with editing and cleaning a few one shots with our joint with hachimitsu scans. Tokage no ou chapter  is in final proofing so hopefully Tuesday I will get it for edit for a thursday release. Also all the oto nyan volume 6 has been scanned meaning chapters of cram school, fighting maid, some one shots and a new amahara-kun plus. And for all Bokura fans chapter 18 is in TLC and PROOFING be patient, do you understand that 60 pages plus is not an easy proof. these are the updates for today, oh yeah Gachirin, the wolf manga chapter 3 is also for editing will be released after nyatto.


  1. Thanks so much for the hardwork on Bokura no Kiseki guys!

  2. Sounds like we are always giving you all a hard time with Bokura no Kiseki. Please bare with us, you are doing a great job ^^

    1. When it comes to bokura no kiseki we try to stretch it out in terms of releases because you know what happens when we release to quick, the next day we have 1000 comments asking for the next chapter, each chapter is 60 plus pages of tl, edits and redraws and fanceli is only one translator, its gets to the points its better to space out releases than to stress fanceli out who right now is dealing with stuff and I rather not pressure her for new chapters I rather just space out releases until she has next chapter for us, its better to do it that way than have a million people asking when chapter 19 will be released, patience is better than no release in my book.

    2. Of course, and I agree with you.
      If you guys release too fast I'm sure everyone here will be spoiled and demand for even more quickness out of you haha. I'd rather have steady releases with longer wait that's why I'll be waiting patiently, whenever it is good and ready. ^^
      Keep up the awesome work!


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