Hey everyone just giving updates to those who don't visit the rooster teeth website apparently at the pax convention they revealed the new RWBY vol. 2 intro to fans in attendance and apparently the intro is kickass according to bloggers who saw the intro, unfortunately no intro leaks have appeared on you tube yet but monty may reveal it to fans later in the month or when we get closer to volume 2 starting hopefully in june or july according to rumors.  But anyway take a look at the new RWBY volume 2 poster notice some charactor art changes and as well apparently new villians and damm the art has upgraded since vol.1. You know what that says that all the support of the anime through DVD purchases and You tubes views and merchandise basically infused a shit load of money into the series apparently leading to character and background upgrades. As always I love this series and I heard rumors they already have scripts for volume 3, this is just a rumor but as always continue to support these guys and they continue to give us a kick as anime. HERE IS LINK FROM ROOSTER TEETH TO THEIR ITEM STORE- IF YOU WANT TO PURCHASE POSTER------> ONLY 10.95$ , I say ty to rooster teeth for the continued hard work on the series, ty guys and to all the fans like me who support the series in whatever way we can.


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