Looking for an artist or graphic designer

Hi everyone I am looking to hire a artist or sketch artist, its a paid position in which I am looking for an artist to design character art, for book cover and promotional posters and illustration. Your probably thinking what for the website, no its not for the website,  I need to hire an individual who possess the ability to draw and sketch illustrations and if we have fans among us who have the ability I prefer to offer this opportunity to one of you. As you heard it I will pay for designs and so forth for the individual who is hired. To apply email me at deusexscans@gmail.com

Requirments for the position:
The ability to develop concept art, sketches, character design and so forth with a frame of reference
Must have a portfolio to present as a resume, so I would require proof of your ability
Must pass conceptualization test.

When sending your portfolio I want to see you ability in terms of ranges you can capture in terms of your art style. It is a paid position but I will not discuss salary details online only to the person or person who are given the position.  Must be good with photoshop or some digital art software such as manga studio, sketchbook pro or so forth. This position is heavy on conceptualization I need an artist who has the ability to create from nothing something that matches whats needed.

- Person who is hired will be paid as a freelance artist, and all art designed for the position will become property of mine but can be used for your portfolio. Since its a paid position your paid per artwork consigned and that I decide to purchase. Serious inquiries only please. Also I will only be looking on site for next 5 days, after that I will take down post and look else where.

ARTIST FOUND, Thank you to all those who applied


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