Light Novel: One Turn Kill of the Dark Partisan Prologue
Yes you are correct, this is a light novel, Our translator Gott in an effort to improve his translation abilities has started a mini side project of translating a light novel. So in an effort to encourage him to finish the light novel and improve his translation I decided that we will post his ongoing translations of this light novel, so as he translates we will continuously update this PDF file until novel is done. So we are glad to present at least as a teaser the prologue of One Turn Kill of the Dark Partisan. Just remember as he translates pages we will update the ongoing PDF file until whole light novel is complete, cheer him on people, I have been dieing to see him tl a light novel for so long.


  1. Thanks a lot, it looks interesting!! :)

    1. its good some people are interested in this mini project, Im happy to say the least while he is practicing his light novel TL, we gain the benefit of reading it while he is doing the pages, I plan to update whenever he sends me an updated progress on his translations

  2. Did I just read about a broken MC? *Cries Tears of Joy*
    Going from the prologue, it'll seem like a very exciting series =D I usually don't read LN but this one seems amazing

    Keep up the good work and thank you for the mini "Teaser" =P

  3. Ow, thanks, looks interesting, ganbatte Gott!

  4. Interesting, thanks.

    Although, may I suggest you post the translations on blogspot directly and hold off on the PDF until a volume is done?

  5. Keep at it Gott!

  6. Thanks!, really eager to read next chapter


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