Deus Ex Scans is Still open

To all the people wondering deus ex scans is still open and active:

We had issues to deal with our hentai side but the manga side is still alive, im currently editing bokura no kiseki, imawabi and getsuring and brand new chapters of our ongoing series, so we will be releasing stuff soon, if it wasnt for the legal issues I would of released stuff yesterday but we had to sort stuff out and deal with compliance issues on hentai side, so to all deus ex scans fans we are still active and open lol When it comes to questions about our hentai side I cant discuss it, the site is down as per compliance, apart from that I cant discuss anything else in reference to dead group, its just a site, sites die everyday we are sad about our nice hentai site going down but its better than going to court for something we do as a hobby. remember at the end of the day be it either manga or hentai, scanlation is simply a hobby and a way to bring attention to unknown series, scanlation is not meant to be in direct competition with publishers and authors, scanlation is a way to bring attention to series so they can be noticed in the english market and eventually licensed, as scanlators we are to respect if a series that gets licensed because at the end of the day we are simply a promotional tool to get a series fans so that publishers license in our home markets so that we can purchase the legal version, scanlation is not the alternative, scanlation is to bring attention not compete. If  a publisher felt we were a great scanlation group and wanted us a a group to release their series here in the US I would gladly do it, I can create a publishing company with a few clicks and we can work together into bringing a series to US or english speaking markets and work out a licensing deal like the big boys because at the end of the day that is between the lawyers. I will gladly promote a publisher or author and if they gave me licensing right I would as well promote and sell the english version. Scanlation is the promote not compete, so we respect publisher if they ask us to take down stuff. Remember this its not US(Scanlators) vs Them(Publishers), it will never be a versus. Remember this a site is just a site lol


  1. the hentai group gone forever??
    that so sad, it was the best hentai group.


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