One Turn Kill of the Dark Partisan Chapter 1 Pages 7-10-UPDATE1

Here is another update to the light novel project Gott is working on, this is the first half of chapter one merged with existing prologue from before. Basically this is the first 4 pages of chapter 1, we are updating as translation occurs there is no reason behind it except keeping progress.(Side note we have gotten good reactions and we have gotten mixed reactions on light novel from we like seeing this new project to people who provide opinions on how to format, the reality and I will say this now, we are providing this release as an update to ourselves and simply providing a copy to fans as progress occurs, similar to giving previews of something we are doing for ourselves, we appreciate comments from fans on how to format but we are doing the light novel for Gott to improve his translation comprehension its neither a group project or something we consider official, we are simply providing out of courtesy a copy for fans to read of something that is being worked on as he is improving his translation comprehension. We appreciate the constructive criticism of formatting rules and so forth but we really don't need those comments because this is simply us keeping track of his progress and providing a copy to fans so they can watch progress, so you can either enjoy it or not, we can keep it to ourselves but we prefer to share it, so just enjoy it for what it is please). Think of it as a daily journal update nothing more, if you enjoy it please do, if not we all cant be happy lol.


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