Update and News to all fans -04/03/2012

Hows everyone doing this is NJMANGA, I am writing a post to give everyone updates and news on whats occurring. If anyone is wondering my right eye is healing slowly but its healing and I have started to edit more, but who cares about that lets me give you some important news and updates.

To all fans of Bokura No Kiseki
Chapter 21- I am editing right now for release tonight its almost 60 pages but Im editing it to release late tonight, so you will get a Bokura no Kiseki release.

We have the script for chapter 22 in case your wondering.

To All Senran fans:
As I announced earlier this week we will be dropping Senran Kagura, skirting the shadows basically senran main that is released in comic alive because Seven seas publishing the company that release Dance in the vampire Bund has licensed the series, so with US licensing it has to be dropped.

We will still continue doing Senran Kagura Guren no Hibi, aka snake girls because there is no US license on that yet, so we are good there.

The Next chapter of Guren no Hibi is in translations

Now fans of Getsurin ni Kiri Saku  
The next chapter being chapter 9 is in translation

Fans of Tokage no Ou
The new chapter raws have arrived and I have scanned them, they are in translation

-Trap Fans
I will release Ato no Matsuri chapter 2 as soon as I am done with Bokura no Kiseki, so not to much longer to wait same with cram school and miki.

Ok everyone I hope I was able to give appropriate updates on status


  1. Thanks for the news and wish you quick recovery for your eye!

  2. Thank you for the update NJ. Hope your right eye will get better. Wish you luck always

  3. wah... thanks for the hardwork and the release bokura.. ^^
    lookingforward see the trap manga ^//^


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