Blushing Mannequin! by KuroMame

Today we bring you a rare treat... it's not just a trap... BUT A DOUBLE-TRAP! Let's see if you can find them, shall we? So with that, Deus Ex Scans brings you "Blushing Mannequin!" (Side Note- I just got out of hospital this morning apparently yesterday my medication for my eye gave me an allergic reaction and based on info from doctor and friends I was hallucinating, all I remember waking up in hospital connected to IV, it sucked they finally let me out this morning.) Im sorry for late post nyatto coming next.
Blushing Mannequin! 


  1. Hope you're feeling better.
    Looks like that clothing store will be another kind of 'store' soon.
    But where's the other trap? Not née-san?

  2. That doesn't sound fun at all :/
    Take care of yourself! I hope everything smooths out soon with your eye.

  3. I'm curious which font are you using for the main dialogue?

    1. Just lafayette pro font, I was going to do basic wild words but I found Lafayette more playful in this release

    2. Wild words is always good. But lately, i took an interest toward non-full caps fonts.
      Thanks, I'll give this font a try.

    3. I use to be an advocate of wild words on alot of my releases I edit like for Bokura and Nyatto I still use Wild words but for my trap releases and newer series I have been using lafayette pro more because I dont have to change back and forth so much with the bolds and what not neccessary for the wild words. My favorites lately have been the use of Lafayette pro and for sfx in terms of emo been using Blambot pro and for handwriting like background conversations and such sfgrunge sans. Also lafayette pro is a good multi genre font, like on our hentai side that is all I use for a majority of our releases because I dont have to change back and forth between reg, italics and bold and have a good straight font that can play all roles in a subtle form


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