Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Recruiting a translator to work soley on one new series- A monthly series

I am recruiting a translator who wishes to work on a monthly series, one series nothing more the series is supernatural, deity 9 tales fox, action series and some gore, I have the first four chapters scanned or in progress of being scanned looking for someone who is interested in translating a series, chapter 1 is a bit bulky like 50 pages but the page count does go down in the upcoming chapters. its really kick ass if your interested just email us at DeusExScans@gmail.com- Please have experience as a translator or understand how to translate manga. I am also willing to do this series as a joint if there is a group who wishes to lend out a translator- I have no issue with doing it as a joint.
For people waiting for Bokura no Kiseki chapter 22 the start of volume 7 I will release the new chapter this week- yes its a big chapter so Im editing it right now, Chapter 23 we are still waiting for Fanceli to send us chapter 23

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