Bokura No Kiseki Chapter 21- I call this chapter "A Haze of Confusion"

Hey everyone its NJMANGA, I just finished editing chapter 21 I call this chapter "A Haze of Confusion," after reading this chapter you will understand. Question of the chapter based on the ending what do you think will happen next. Its pretty late right now so my brain is not working and my right eye is swelling shut and gott just passed out from staying up to revise so please enjoy the brand new chapter and the end of volume 6.
Chapter 21


  1. Wow if that last page doesn't just connect Zeze to Eugene with his memory and that event, I don't know what will. We pretty much figured that all along, but I think that cements it in nicely (unless the rare event that it was a person in the background).

    Great chapter like always, thank you for the entertainment :D Although now I will be thinking of future events with anticipation.

  2. Thank you so much for the release and always grateful for the hard work that always been given for this series. Keep up the good work and always wish your luck Team.

  3. Thanks you guys!!!!! I love you people!!! I was surprised didn't expect it to be soon. They said the next volume would be in may 25. That's really good news.
    Now about this chapter,
    Yes it was very hazy ... Like seriously like
    i'm in a foggy place and you hear voices "come here,come here" you go that place but its not really there and you just keep going nowhere. So its true Eugene knows about the attack. But why?!!! why would he want veronica to come over? what is his deal? I still believe the guy who wrote on the chalkboard isn't eugene at all. I'm all in for zeze, i believe zeze is eugene. Which is awkward if i think about for minami and zeze. After all they could have just said it was eugene who wrote because they are so unsure if it was really veronica who wrote it.


  4. Thanks you for updating this manga, you guys really did a good job,I personally love this manga a lot.

    I as a fan of this manga just want to thanks you with a ll my heart that you guys put a lot of effort in this manga.

    Nothing much to say now, I'll be looking forward for the next update ><

    Work Hard!!

  5. huwoooo... ='[]=...damn u nanaura!!!eugene!!!

  6. Thanks for the update =) appreciate it loads! X)

  7. Super awesome, thanks a lot for the new chapter!!

  8. GAAAH YOU GUYS TAKE CARE OF YOURSELVES--;; If you're still awake I will gutpunch you. The new chapter looks great! I'll get started on 23 posthaste. >u<b Also *superhighfivesAnon#1*--was waiting for someone to make that connection. Glad you all like it!

  9. Hehehe... glad to see so many satisfied comments! Thanks for reading!

  10. I have this feeling in my gut that the more it is hinted that Zeze is Eugune... the less probable the notion becomes. I expect to have been led to an entirely wrong direction when the revelation comes.

    Really, I wonder how long it is going to take, if ever, before someone has an idea of placing a candid camera facing the blackboard. :)

    Also, Nanaura got what he deserves... I think.

    By the way, I kinda wonder whether Nanaura's dialogue on page 44 "It all depends on that guy" has a male connotation in Japanese as the English counterpart suggests.

    Thanks a whole lot for the chapter! My brain has turned mushed, but it was really fun.

  11. ZEZE IS EUGENE !@#$!#%*^!#&% @_@ ~_~

  12. Prince Uegene is apearing... finally let's see what is going to happen later, thanks Deus scans XD

  13. Thanks a lot for the new chapter! Just read the entire vol6 in one go~ <3 much appreciated, this series is so suspenseful, I'm SO looking forward to the next chapter now *o* Good luck guys!


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