Senran Kagura Has Been Licensed by 7 Seas- no wonder the manga went on hiatus

Message From Deus Ex Scans: Since the main series has been on Hiatus in Comic alive and has yet to show any new chapters, now we find out that seven seas has licensed the series as of today we will be dropping Senran Kagura main series since that series is licensed, when it comes to senran snake girl or guen no hibi we will continue to do since there is no announcement of it being licensed,
Senran Kagura- Skirting the shadow- Main Comic Alive series- We are dropping due to it being licensed in USA and out of respect for the current copyright holder- all download links on download page have been removed for main series

Senran Kagura Snake girls/Guren No Hibi- We will continue doing until further notice, the download links for this are still up

Seven Seas Adds Senran Kagura: Skirting Shadows Manga

posted on 2013-04-01 16:01 EDT
Kenichirō Takaki, Amami Takatsume's manga inspired by ninja action game

North American publisher Seven Seas Entertainment confirmed with ANN on Monday that it will release Kenichirō Takaki and Amami Takatsume's Senran Kagura: Skirting Shadows (Senran Kagura -Shōjo-tachi no Shinei-) manga starting in November.
The manga is based on the Senran Kagura ninja action video game franchise. Seven Seas describes the manga as follows:
Hanzo Academy: a secret high school established by the Japanese government to educate the newest generation of ninja girls. The spunky second year student, Asuka, along with her friends, the perverted Katsuragi, the childish Hibari, the mature Ikaruga and the deadly Yagyu, must each undergo rigorous training in their daily school life. But do they have what it takes to become full-fledged ninja? Only their bodacious skills and prodigious talents can keep them alive while they struggle against ninja rivals who seek to destroy them at every turn.
The first volume will retail for US$12.99, and the second volume will ship in March 2014.
The Senran Kagura video game franchise also inspired a television anime series that Funimation is streaming in North America.
Senran Kagura original creator Takaki and illustrator Takatsume launched the manga in Media Factory's Comic Alive magazine in 2011. Media Factory published the second compiled volume last August.


  1. hmm well too bad they licensed, at least snake girl still ongoing. since last week snake girl ch11 not released i fear you going hiatus.

    1. Bad? This are some really GREAT news! Matbe if it becomes popular there will be a day when we can at last get the original game in english


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