Updates About "Dark Partisan" Volume 2...

Ugh... I'm so sorry to keep you all waiting... Life has just been hectic... Try as I might I am only getting so much done on chapter 2 at a time but progress is being made... I cannot make any guarantees at this point seeing as how I've broken them so many times but it will get done... and hopefully before the end of the month T_T ...

I'm so sorry to keep you all waiting orz



  1. No problem and thanks for your hard work
    How many novels have ?

  2. No worries, we can read other stuff in the meantime. Don't let it stress you or it'll just make everything else harder to do.

  3. No problem, everything is fine.. Thank you for your hard work.

  4. I am thankful for you translating this in your free time. Of course we all want more of your awesome translations but don't rush things if it effects your daily life. As long as you keep us updated we are content since not knowing about the status of a translation progress is really irritating (i know - us ungrateful leechers xD)


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