(C87) [ARESTICA (Ariko Youichi)] Katyouhuuei (Kantai Collection -KanColle-)

I told myself I wasnt ever going to post hentai on this side, but since this anime season is a kancolle season I decided ill post some side edits we have been working on which are related to comiket 87 kancolle doujin. So here is one of our other group releases or our alter ego to say the least for fans who dont have access to ehentai.(Warning its ADULT). Im only posting certain doujin links because they are celebrating kancolle in another form and since we had a hand in editing and translated it why not share since we no longer have a site for our other stuff. Dont ask, just accept this as a gift to you guys. Also know this will be a limited time post only for this week after this week post and link will be deleted.


  1. hahah you didn't want post hentai, of course XD
    thanks bro!!! With this I have all you posted X=D


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