Kancolle Anime starts today

Unless you been living under a rock the kancolle anime started today and its kick ass looking in appearance and as well the story flow is not choppy but nice. I wont be linking torrents or sites to go to because at the end of the day I dont want Cr or Funi coming after me, but I will tell you this the anime is worth the viewing for the action, the greater clarification of the enemy who we all been reading about and overall seeing the other girls in the fleet. The anime is very clear on enemy, story, and the art is good worth the viewing. Many would say an anime or manga based on a card game is never good but for the source this anime is based on it comes together nicely
Here are some images below
Disclaimer: All images here belong to the to respective copyright holder be in US, or foreign, I do not claim any ownership of images all I am doing is simply attempting to review and promote the viewing of the animation.

If you want to view it legally on crunchy roll, they have a free 14 day trial going on so here is link to episode 1 from the copyright holder in US which is crunchy roll doesnt kill you to enroll because there are benefits to membership even if its a monthly fee but at the end of the day the convenience factor and viewing experience wash away monthly membership fees, ----> EPISODE 1 at crunchy roll,


  1. It's me, or there're highschool girls going around killing evil cannon-equipped whales?


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