Wednesday, February 19, 2014

RWBY Has figurines now- WHOOOOOT

In case you been living in isolation for the last few months, after the world success of the web anime RWBY, the people at Rooster Teeth have given to all the fans the opportunity to purchase First of four Series 1 figures created by McFarlane Toys.  (Yes, the other girls are coming soon!). A series of limited edition RWBY Figurines to fans who wish to own some history, they may not be limited but last time I looked McFarlane Toys in terms of figurines tend to become collectors items after a certain point. So the first one out of the Gate is RWBY ROSE, if you wish to own a piece of Figurine history make sure to click this link---------->CLICK HERE TO BUY A FIGURINE  They are affordable as well for 34.95, so why not collect them all, even if you never bought an anime figurine for the price by itself its worth starting now collect all four girls of the series, at least one thing the first one looks hot I can only image the next three lol.

- Both me and Gott ordered our own preorders in, how about supporting the anime, also according to twitter fans and forum fans season 2 is slated for July 4th to start and may be possibly 16 more episodes, why the delay according to rumor they are upgrading the charactor rigs to make the anime more seemless and more epic.(Also when I say figurine it may not necessarily be a figurine but to me I dont plan to take it out of the box, so I will call it a figurine because she will always remain in the epic pose frozen in time in the box.)
and for those with limited budgets they also have the RWBY playing cards---> CLICK ME for 6.95

-In case your not into toys- check out the kick ass RWBY Skateboard deck-59.95-Click me to buy this---->

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