Iinazuke Kyouytei Chapter 13-A Frenzy in the Sky

And now for the place where dreams come true! The story continues... JUST WHO WILL WATARU CHOOSE?! Please enjoy as Deus Ex Scans is proud to present chapter 13 of "Iinazuke Kyoutei" ! One more chapter to go until the end of volume 3- yeap since 10 and 11 were part of volume 3, chapter 14 is last chapter of tank, than we either wait for volume 4 to be released and I order it, or locate magazine scans that dont look like garbage.
Chapter 13-


  1. Oh, very awesome, a double release, thanks a lot!!

  2. I just wanted to thank you for picking us this release and now this wonderful double release. I really love this series but was kinda sad that it hadn't been translated for awhile. Once again, thank you all.

    1. Groups try to avoid stepping on other groups' toes whenever we can... such is why it had been awhile... but what matters now is that we have claimed it and we certainly intend to do this series in earnest... thanks for reading!

  3. You guys rock, just when I thought I'd have to wait a bit for the next chapter you guys release this. Appreciate the work!

  4. Thanks a million for the double release!! :D


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