Amairo Islenauts Chapter 7-END- YES! FINAL CHAPTER

This is the final chapter of "Amairo Islenauts" . The Comic Will Go On Sale On February 22nd Along With Color Illustrations Done By the Key Animator, Kobuichi-sensei! Yes! the series has ended, which is sad to many series are ending to early which is getting annoying but here comes another series closed. Please enjoy the final chapter.
Chapter 7

Chapters 1 to 7 Vol. 1 (Series Complete)


  1. O_o they bring us a new character and then end it 2 chapters later,..May be this series is like an advertising campaign for their visual novel T_T, anyway, thanks all you guys for translating this series. Hope you scans could be rel moreee amazing series XD

    1. It seems that way... can't say I'm big on the whole thing... Oh well... thanks for reading!


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