Proper email etiquette When checking on series status- Important for fans to read

Today I was going to release chapter 9 of Imawabi no Dakini, but than I happen to decide let me check my emails for Deus ex scans, I got a very rude email from a fan, maybe it was unintentional or intentional I dont know but I will say this for future reference to any fan who is inquiring about a series release or updated chapter. The email not only stated the obvious fact its been a few weeks since last chapter but the individual demanded an answer and whats the hold up.  Ok I will say this no one pays for my raws, no one does my editing, its all done by me, I work a full time job so some releases fall into the back log not intentionally but after working 12 to 15 hours a day I sometimes come home tired and sleep, what does that mean its means even if I want to edit a chapter if I am exhausted from work, my body will not allow me to edit if I am passed out. Do I work a career yes I do, am I home editing day and night no I am not, because I have a career. Does sending emails to me demanding chapters as if your my boss, will that work with me no because the asshole in me appears and makes me spiteful. Will I punish everyone for the lack of judgement of one fans, after writing this post I will not and when I get out of work late late tonight I will release imawabi no Dakini chapter 9, but I just wanted to let fans knows that writing emails demanding chapters as if your my boss or as if you donated money which no one does, will not work with me, if you ask kindly than you will get a kind response with time frame and kind words, you write like an asshole to me you will get an asshole response, fair is fair right. I will release imwabi 9 when I get out of work but please in future any fans who wishes to write us a email please choose your words carefully we all work for living so demanding shit will not get shit released faster, kind words will get me more focused on a release than asshole remarks.


Hey all,

I heard about the e-mail that NJMANGA got and here's my response to that: We have lives outside of manga scanalation and we are only really doing this in our free time and as a hobby. Everyday I scour the internet for some four hours or so looking for full-time work as I still haven't found one even though it's been  four years since I graduated. When I'm not doing that I'm tending to the house or running errands as I wish to make myself useful to mum as I am still living at home. Only after that do I translate which I do because I love manga and wish to maintain my Japanese. Final thing to mention is the fact I not only translate for this group but two other groups... As far as why things may have slowed down as they have it is because I have been unfairly spending my time on hentai. It just sort of happened and I'm sorry... Be it either the content or the money people are willing to pay to see such works translated I ended up focusing my time on that and letting this group's release rate suffer... But no more... Please know that by the end of this month I will have taken care of all that I needed to do on the hentai side and then be able to truly focus on our series here. Really and truly, it's me who is at fault and I am sorry for that. I will catch up on our series... Of that you have my word. For now, I would like to ask you to please wait a little longer or, if you must ask, I would like to please ask you to be respectful in your inquiries in regards to series we are doing.




  1. I agree with you people. Everyone has their own life to live for, their own occupation. I think the persons who have complaints just don't have anything else to do in their own lives. Please don't mind them because you are doing a great job translating manga. I like your Bokura no Kiseki releases and each time I am eager to read them. Please cheer up!

  2. Jeez... it's bad enough you guys have to put up with whiny Bokura no Kiseki fans who constantly hound you for the next chapter. But now you also have impatient fans hounding you for other series now too. It's a shame that people can't just be more patient. I mean I know the fans are super eager to read what comes next. Heck even I'm often pretty eager to read the next chapter for certain series you're doing. But it's not like hounding you guys constantly is going to make things go any quicker.

  3. lel, those desperate fags can go fuck themselves. Dudes, just take all the time of the world.

  4. Tough being popular, huh...


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