Issues about File sharing and upload sites I repeat again

We keep getting emails about why dont we use different file share service like mediafire or mega , I repeat again we cant because we are bannned from them, banned means we can not use their services because our site is a banned site that cant use their services.  Banned means we no longer can use their services, you know why a few years back a scanalator who is no longer around reported us and got us banned out of spite, than I get emails emails why dont you pay for a file share service or get a website, than I repeat why dont you donate and give me the magical money for all that, we do this for free and pay for our own raws, we dont use raws from aggregator sites and actually purchase our raws, and scan them ourselves, so people seriously we provide download link out of courtesy we dont have to if we dont want to, so stop harrassing me because your having issues we do this for free and dont get a damm dime for it so please back off. We edit and translate for free we dont get a damm donation or have money for any grand websites, so please accept what we give and dont complain for something you get for free.


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