Bokura No Kiseki Chapter 46- Drama Drama Drama lol

As the world turns so do the days of our lives, I always think of that old soap opera when i read this new chapter, as to avoid spoilers please enjoy and remember these are no longer epic 70 page chapters but 30 or less so mentally prepare that some chapters are destined to have cliff hangers or something along the lines lol.
Chapter 46


  1. Hi NJ, Gott and Fanceli, many thanks for the scanlations as always :) Though I still like the story, but kinda miss the 70-page chapter it used to be. Hope the new volumes are set to be release more frequent! :D

    1. As soon as we have scripts we aim to please, as a editor i dont miss 70 page edits lol

  2. thanks for the hard work :D you guys are awesome

  3. Thank you guys! I love this manga!! ^^ ootomo seems so fragile

  4. Thank you guys so much, I forgot this manga existed until I received an update. I felt like I should and give credits to where its due. It felt short and cut but maybe its the raw or something cause I am used to chapter end. Regardless thank you guys so much, I went to reread and it is a fun experience as always. Thanks comrade !

  5. Thank you very much. :)


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