Editing and translation news and updates

First off Getsurin volume 7 will be released in japan march 24th, 2015, check out the sick cover, apparently this will be the final volume of the series. Yes I ordered it
Next News according to fancelli the next Bokura no Kiseki volume 12 comes out possibly june at the soonest, yeah we knows wtf is taking so long in between volumes but good news fancelli finished translating  chapter 36 and as soon as gott and fancelli tlc the script ill start editing it.

Next news: No new occult maiden updates in comic alive apparently artist has been busy with other series and has been half assing the manga.

Next news; I have scripts for Life alive chapter 4 and 5 AND i am working on innazaki 25, waiting for ark romancer chapter 7 script and waiting for demon manga chapter 2 script.

Ok these are the updates for today sorry for slow releases but as most people know I had heart surgery so Im moving at a slower pace but I am editing as fast as i can. Just be patient.


  1. Don't worry about it man, just make sure you don't force your heart... Those who are impatient go learn Japanese and read raws


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