Updates for August 28th

Hey this is NJMANGA, currently I only have one script for innazaki and I am currently editing it, we have a Bokura no Kiseki but gott has not gotten to doing TLC on it, so Im in a holding pattern waiting for getsurin, battleship and occult maiden and Valkyrie scripts for those who asked in emails, our translator is busy lately with his part time job it is tiring him out, lol. so Im stuck waiting for scripts which lately has been making me an asshole towards him and I admit it, i hate not having scripts because I get tired of waiting for scripts and asking for scripts a thousand times, I work 60 hours a week and when I get time to work on stuff I have no scripts to work on which is pissing me off and I end up blowing up on people, espcially the ones who ask me if we dropped a series which is no and if we did we would announce it. But Im the asshole these are days I wish I could translate japanese but unfortunately I never took the time to learn properly I know my kana but I suck at kanji lol Just like Im in a holding pattern, just give it a day or two hopefully more scripts will appear for most requested stuff.

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