Iinazuke Kyouytei CH. 12 to 19- This is a volume 3 and 4 Reupload

People have been emailing and commenting that they needed a re-upload of previous chapters, So I will repeat myself our group never did chapters 1 to 11, if you need those chapters contact the previous group, we inherited the series partially into volume 3, meaning we only have chapters 12 to 19  meaning volume 3 and 4, and as well as new chapter 20 which we will be glad to re-upload if links died.  So here is a download link for chapters 12 to 19 all in one package. Also remember if no one downloads from any of the links within 30 days, the links go dead. If you download this pack you will be up to date until we release chapter 20.

Chapters 12 to 19-Combo Pack


  1. thank you very much for your work.
    but when chapter 20 will come out

    1. Sometime this week it was only scanned a few days ago the magazine is released in japan give or take on the 6th of every month and I typically receive it within a day of release, and I scanned the same day and only got script yesterday, so this week

  2. Thank you very much! Both links are dead - any chance you can re-upload the file?


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