One Turn Kill of the Dark Partisan Ch.07(Complete)- Finally chapter 7 complete

Here is chapter 7 complete and as well the new combined chapter 1 to 7 merged PDF, enjoy the completed chapters and updated ongoing 1 to 7 pdf.  Also to address concerns before they pop up, If the Gett links go down I dont want a million comments telling me the gett links are down, I dont own company and cant do anything about it, ok good we agree if gett goes down please use other links. If your having trouble viewing PDF, usually that means you haven't updated your PDF reader to its latest version if thats the case go to and download the newest PDF reader version, its free.

Chapter 7-Compete

Chapters 1 to 7 (Merged Ongoing)


  1. Thank you very much for translating this amazing ln...

  2. Hi, I just managed to find this gem of a LN and I just wanted to ask, is it possible that some parts were not included in the merged pdf by accident? I have noticed some jarring narration gaps.

    For example, during the meeting with Yashiro after the C rank exam.

    It goes from Yashiro talking with Iulli
    "Iulli...I know of you. You are that transfer student, aren't you?"

    Immediately to Yukiha talking with Iulli
    "Iulli, your sister told me the reason why you have become.."

    This happens on page 36 out of 163 on the merged pdf.

    Also, there was that Yukiha asking Iulli to teach her masturbation scene, even though there was no previous mention of Iulli teaching her the word masturbation.

    With that said, thanks a lot for translation this novel!


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