New Fate/stay night TV Anime is 'Unlimited Blade Works' and Heaven feel movie

As many of you heard that this fall a new fate stay route was in the works to be released as an anime but apparently author led us on and instead of it being a new route, as you know there are three routes Fate route, Unlimted Blade works route, and Heaven feel, we were under the impression it would be a fourth route for anime but apparently its a in game route within the blade works route that has never been animated but it will be a rin exclusive route according to reports. Some people love the blade works route because of the animated movie that was made for it and it focused on shiro and rin while saber was kept hostage most of the route, me personally I prefer the fate route due in part saber is not a hostage in fate route unlike blade works, you probably saying dude stop the spoilers but at this point if you have never watched fate night, fate zero, fate unlimited blade works or played the millions games or read the manga, than where the hell you been so here is trailer for the 24 episode blade works yes they are splitting it into two season 12 and 12.Also they announced a heaven feel movie and all fans know that is the darkest and sickest route in the fate routes focused on sakura and how medusa was summoned I personally think that is the most horrible route due to the sexual violence but its heavens feel, curious the name makes it sound so innocent but its the rapey route. For those who dont know sakura, she is rin sister who was given to the other mage family, remember fate zero the little girl in the basement with bugs in her, image her older instead of bugs violating her its her male relative by the name of kenji violating her with the excuse to keep her powers and his control over her in check. I wont be watching heavens feel to sick even for me.

This one is unlimted blade works series trailer (New)

This is the heaven Feel Trailer(New)


  1. Thanks for the heads-up, I'll be joining you in dodging Heaven's Feel.


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