RWBY Volume 2: Production Diary 3- Here is the latest RWBY UPDATES, SHOW SCHEDULED FOR JULY

Its finally been  confirmed July is the premiere of RWBY Season 2, according to rooster teeth and it will be more than 12 episodes. Click Here -->RWBY Prodction Diary 3 from Roosterteeth. Return to the world of RWBY as the cast and crew share how the show is made! In this third diary, discover how the characters of RWBY come to life through voice acting and animation.


  1. yes, watched this earlier. I really can't wait for the s2 premiere. I really wish that they're gonna make each ep a little bit longer this time. Need more rwby :3

    1. I hope they make the episodes at least 20 minutes per instead of 6 here and 14 there, I would love if they remained consistent with episode times so we didnt have to guess if we get a 3 minute episode or 12 lol


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