One Turn Kill of the Dark Partisan 01(05-02-2014)- UPDATE 6- ALot is happening in this update and yes still chapter 1 lol

Alot of progress is being made in this epically long chapter 1, please enjoy update 6.


  1. I don't usually read light novels, but this one piqued my interest! Thanks for the translation

    1. Im glad you like it, our translator who is busting his butt translating it will be glad that your enjoying it, we actually chose it at random and said lets do this one without even knowing anything about it, we are hoping by him translating the light novel it will increase his speed that light novel tl will become normal along with manga releases. so please bare with how we do the release, im updating as he gives pages that he translated so Im waiting every two days now before every update to keep the ongoing pdf entertaining, its epic chapter 1 lol

    2. No problem ^^ I don't really know Japanese only the basics, but I hope you guys for the best on translating this ^^


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