One Turn Kill of the Dark Partisan Chapter 05 (05-28-2014)- UPDATE 1

Here we go everyone here is chapter 5 update 1, this is give or take 3 small updates made into 1 update to start chapter 5 of the ongoing PDF. Everyone please enjoy this is about 9 pages of good and meaty story in this update.
Chapter 5 Update 1


  1. Hey, what's the status with your trap projects? Seems like none of them have been released in a while.

    1. Oto Nyan is property of project H all releases in refernece to one shots and series that appeared in OTO NYAN are property of digital manga and project H, they are licensed here in the USA and as scanlators we have no rights to interfere with their licenses, remember scanlators bring attention to series that are not licensed the series is now licensed and owned by project H and digital manga. As scanlators we have no reason to translate a series which you can buy in english if you go to amazon, to openly translate a series that is already is english is a Big no no and should never be done. And when it comes to Waai magazine the magazine is on Hiatus if you read any site updates from me or hachimitsu waai magazine went on a hiatus which we are waiting to see if new magazine appears

    2. Also trap series are being phased out in Japan because of the new morals law, most trap series were either cancelled or put on hiatus in japan because of the new morals laws, traps violate that

  2. I didn't know that Oto Nyan was licensed, nor that any of the projects were available to purchase. I knew that Waai had gone on hiatus but I don't know what projects are from which magazines. For the series that are licensed do you think you could mark on your projects page that they're dropped/licensed so it's easier to keep track? Thank you!

    Do you have any intention of doing any more of the Josou Shounen anthology oneshots?

    That new morals law went into effect a couple years ago, before the trap boom even started, so that doesn't even make any sense. I guess they're slow to act. Well, hopefully all the creepy loli shit will get cancelled as well.


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