What edits are NJMANGA working on

I am working on Imwabi no Dakini chapter 6 and also working on Bokura no Kiseki chapter 25 I am hoping to release this week both chapters, and guess what literally 5 minutes ago new chapter of Walkure Romanji chapter 6 came out, so we will have a new walkure as well this week. This is my update will keep you informed, also remember if you download from our site please use UP links if you can because it allows us to maintain a bigger storage space with them the more downloads occur it keeps the account free for us, so if you can please download from UP links if you cant I completely understand. Also for all you trap fans including me GOTT promised to kill off otonyan 8 this month lets hope for the best so we can move to Otonyan 9. Also gott is translating the new chapter of Blue coffin, which is crazy good. ok

Also to all the artist out there we are looking to redesign our banner, so we are making a call to all fans who want to make a banner for deus ex scans, we will post most banners all we ask is you dont use somebody else art work meaning dont go to deviant art pages and steal someones copyrighted stuff you can use manga images and so forth in banners, so have fun and help us update banner


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