Dragon Rider's Counterattack Ch. 2- A Splendid Emergency Meal

We saw the daily life of D'Argent and Shurun... And now for the other pair from the kingdom of Jade! Prepare for cuteness as Deus Ex Scans is proud to present chapter 2 of "Dragonrider's Counterattack" !
Chapter 2

Chapter 0 to 2 (Combo Pack)


  1. i can't download using BS or UP. the link seems fine, but i don't really understand why it can't start downloading. and it have the same problem with depositfile, but i still can download it using depositfile mobile vers. well, it's not ur problem, so i can't ask u anything..

    1. We cant use any other download services since no one donates and Im not spending money on file share for fans who dont even donate for raws, it might sound fucked up but its my money and no one appreciates it at all, im sorry your having issues, I would improve download services if we had people donating but since what occured a few months ago we got screwed badly with paypal because of a fan lieing to them and basically getting our account shut down


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