Getsurin ni Kiri Saku Chapter 14- Inner Conflict Girl Last Part

The thrilling conclusion to "Inner Conflict Girl" portion of the manga! What will become of the little girl that Kaina saved? Is this a sign that Kaina is getting his humanty back? Will he survive Koorogi's onslaught? Find out this and more as Deus Ex Scans is proud to present chapter 14 of "Getsurin ni Kiri Saku" ! Below I will also provide a chapter 12 or start of volume 3 combo pack for those who need a reminder of the events of volume 3. also vol.1 and 2 download links.
Chapter 14 (Brand New Chap)

Vol. 3 Chapter 12 to 14

Volume 2

Currently being edited: Sorry about delay real life work has been keeping me busy, one editor being me it happens, i have been working 12 hour days, been tired but im editing these pieces.
Getsurin chapter 15-40 percent done
Bokura no Kiseki chapter 25 and 26- 50 percent done- in progress-all cleaned- doing redraws and typesetting.
Dragon Riders counter attack ch.2- waiting for script-all cleaned


  1. Thanks a lot, I love this series!

    Make sure you take some time for yourself though :)

    1. Im glad you like the series, 15 will come out tommorow if all works out well, and I would love to take time maybe after I get through back log of bokura, fans would kill me if i dont release a chap soon lol

    2. Thanks for reading and glad to hear it! (most groups probably looked away when they saw how "vivid" it was... but no... not us... we saw how BADASS it is!)

  2. Looking forward to Bokura 25 & 26. Thanks & good luck! and also, don't forget to take a rest once in a while (:


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