Life Alive! The Student Council Elections I Started with You Ch.6-end- FINAL CHAPTER

Alright everyone this is the final chapter and some of your may be confused with how it ends, its not the end of the story just the end of the manga, as many know this manga was a promotion for the light novel which is going strong in Japan, will this manga or light novel ever see an anime I dont think so just because of what occurs in this chapter, violates two laws in japan in reference to anime standards lol. You will see once you read the chapter, current laws will never allow this to be an anime lol. ENJOY!!!
Chapter 6


  1. thanks for the chapter!

  2. Fuck. Why does japan always cockblock me on series I like?

  3. That was fast. I'll never know how it ends unless somebody translate the LN.

  4. Thanks for translating this series!

  5. UH?! What did you try to say ''violates two laws in japan in reference to anime standards''????
    ......... AAAAAAAHHHHH great final!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for a great manga!!!

  6. I.... I really want this LN now.


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