Life Alive! The Student Council Elections I Started with You Ch.5

The die is cast... Everyone now knows Linda and Chinatsu aren't related... JUST WHAT WILL HAPPEN NOW?! Come witness the shock and emotion as Deus Ex Scans is proud to present chapter 5 of "Life Alive! The Student Council Elections I Started With You" !

Chapter 5

Next chapter being chapter 6, is the last chapter of the series, meaning this series is done in one chapter at least in terms of the manga, the light novel is going strong. But dont worry the manga ends in one chapter strong, so for now enjoy chapter 5.


  1. Thank you so much ... Plot Twist ftw ...
    One question , do you know where i can read the light novel?

    1. Amazon Japan, its not currently translated in English as far i know I would love to see what happens after chapter 6

  2. Thanks a lot for the new chapter!! :)

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  4. This is like a big-bang explosion, thanks for this manga!


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