Kancolle Battleship Repair

I saw this and had to show everyone this illustration was done by an artist by the name of soft mode, its titled Kancolles being repaired, I watched them last night on their channel on picarto.tv draw this whole illustration from scratch, if you wish to view more stuff from this artist please visit their site by either clicking image above or link below to go to their site and see what else they have illustrated, image above was done by soft mode last night and its their property. If you like what you see make sure to let artist know, I am sure they will appreciate it. It was amazing what I saw from using I think Maya to construct the dock to illustrating everyone in and around the dock with photoshop, it was nice.


  1. yes, i didn't know much about Kancolle but i can say ''this illustration have 9/10 points''

    1. I wish I would of recorded the live drawing of it you would of been like wtf this is so hot, none of that is copy and past its all drawing on photohop and maya tooling for enviroment props it was sick how hot it looked as softwmode was doing the live feed.


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