New policy concerning dead links

We are getting to many emails and comments in reference to reuploading dead links, Im tired of re-uploading dead links. NEW GROUP POLICY, If you do not download chapters when links are active meaning when they are first posted we will not be responsible for link reupload. We will on occasion fix links on shit we feel needs to remain active, but this point forward we will fix links as we see fit and will not keep fixing the same shit links for series over and over again, its a time waster for us. If you actively following our group i recommend to download when you see post with link and not wait. Any series over a year old will not get new active links we are not traveling back in time to revive dead links, it takes up to much hard drive space saving so many files to revive dead links. If series is too old we wont reupload, if links die they will die. Remember this most links will remain active if people are activly downloading file, but if no activity occurs on link for more than 30 to 60 days depending on file share it will go dead always remember links will die if not actively clicked, and I repeat again we are not paying for file share, no one pays for my raws but me so why will i pay for file share for you, good we understand. Thank you for reading this message.


  1. I understand, and even if the links are down here a quick search can readily find alternative downloads.
    In any case thank you for your continued efforts in scanlation, looking forward to more releases.

    1. I try to keep links updated but the reality is its a pain in the ass maintaining copies of releases we did 2 years ago or even 3 years ago and constantly updating them for maybe 1 fan to download, I will attempt to keep active series updated but stuff from years ago is going to be hit or miss, since we dont pay for a file share unless people are activly using links they do die, we cant make everyone happy all we can do is keep releasing stuff and hope enough people download a copy or learn to right click save as on a reader which is also an alternative to download link just right click save as on batoto and you can download individual pages of our older stuff.

  2. Apparently there's a browser addon for downloading individual pics from a reader site.


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