In Logos Creo Oneshot- Great Author and Artist just premiered on the scene- one shot is currently on Inkblazers
The other day I met a author and artist team who was creating a manga on, they showed me their one shot in french and I loved it so when I asked them when will there english version come out they said soon, as of today their english version is posted on inkblazers, this one shot is great and please make sure if you enjoyed it to let them know, its created by a new author and artist team and the manga not comic. If you like the release let them know because they are currently working on a series based on the same work.Click image above or link below to see their work.


  1. thank you for talking about us !! :D Very apreciate it ! :'D

    1. You are very welcome... We genuinely appreciate the things that artists like yourselves do and wish to give credit, and notice, where credit is due!


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