Dragon Rider's Counterattack Ch. 1-Chapter of Light- The Branded Girl

BEHOLD THE NEXT INSTALLMENT! Unfortunately things did not work out with the new translator we had for this series so GottErstechen007, will be filling in as translator for this series... Possibly permanently... Before was just a prologue so now the story will truly begin! So please enjoy as Deus Ex Scans proudly presents "Dragon Rider's Counterattack" ! We are looking for a translator to replace the new translator who failed to do the script, hence the delay but Gott stepped in and did it for us, but for real we need a new tl for this series or if anything we are willing to give this series to a group and supply the raws if we cant find a tl just to keep series moving forward.
Chapter 1


  1. oooh nice chapter 1! time to re read this and the prologue again

    1. Im glad you like it sorry for the delay our new translator vanished and never sent us a script so Gott stepped in at last minute to tl script

  2. It is great than your continue this title, but how bad than yours traslator leave the proyect, it is a shame, but let is hope than a new translator arive to give support, cheer up, and thanks to all of yours.

  3. Thank you for the chapter.


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