Amairo Islenauts Chapter 3- A Display of Swimsuits

Though it may be getting colder outside... IT'S ONLY GETTING HOTTER IN THIS MANGA! We now bring you the beach chapter of "Amairo Islenauts" ... Watch as the drama unfolds and the unexpected fanservice that makes you wonder if this was based off an eroge! So please enjoy as Deus Ex Scans proudly presents chapter 3 of "Amairo Islenauts" !
Chapter 3-A Display of Swimsuits

Chapter 1 to 3(Combo Pack)


  1. GE.TT or Mediafire host please!

    1. No Gett or mediafire because for 1 year barely anyone donated and the one person who donated to us, got my paypal shut down and reported his donation as if we stole his donation because he used his mothers credit card without telling her and getting my paypal shut down and paypal freezing my personal money that was int he account, so you have to accept the file shares we used because no one donates and I am tired of spending my own money for people who dont care where the raws come from, guess what I pay for all my magazine scans and ship my own raws and scan my own raws but do people care nope as long as they get their new chapter, if you want to blame anyone blame the guy who got my paypal shut down because he stole his mother credit card

    2. What, seriously? That was awful

  2. Thank you for the chapter.

  3. thanks for the chapter can't wait for the next one ^^


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