Sensei ni wa Naisho - The Original Sensei Anone One shot before the series- Chapter 0

Hi everyone we present to you a special treat one of our valued fans discovered this hidden gem of a piece among old issues of trap tanks from the past, this is the original one shot of sensei anone, which was titled  Sensei ni wa Naisho, so along with Hachimitsu scans doing the translating and quality check/proofing and Deus scans doing the editing, we are proud to present the lost one shot titled "Sensei ni wa Naisho".
Chapter 0- The original Sensei Anone


  1. Glad i could help

    and thanks for the release

    i also have here another one-shot of "A Fighting, Maid-like, Boy in Drag"
    i'll send the email with the raws

  2. Thank you so much I love this series.

  3. Can't get enough of the series. Many Thanks!

  4. Thanks a lot for new chapter!!


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