Amahara-kun Plus-Sixth Target - Rikuto

Hey everyone, its that time again we have a brand new target for our infamous cross-dresser Amahara-kun, this chapter he goes after target Rikuto, and in this chapter we will learn the classics as Amahara-kun saves another helpless soul.
Chapter 6- Sixth Target Rikuto

Amahara-kun Plus Vol. 1 chapter 1-6 (Ongoing)


  1. Thanks for release!

  2. So I'm assuming all that talk of climax of the story and takobon stuff is just that amahara is gettinga a book release not that its ending with this chapter right?

    1. The tank already came out months ago, and the series ends with the next chapter

  3. Wow thank you so much I love this series so much, it's sad to hear that it's ending soon. But thanks for all your hard work. ^_^


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