Senran Kagura - Guren no Hebi Ch.10

Life continues ever onwards for the ninjas... We also have the appearance of one of my favorite characters! You may also get to see a new side of someone! So with that, Deus Ex Scans is proud to present chapter 10 of "Senran Kagura - Guren no Hebi" !
Chapter 10


  1. thanks for the new chapter, you're awesome

  2. BTW are you guys going to scanlate Senran Kagura the main story plot?

    1. Im guessing you never read any of the thousand post in which we mentioned that comic alive hasnt released any new chapter of the main series since the anime started, we have been wondering why its on hiatus but we dont know why they are not releasing any new chapters of the main series in any of the last 4 issues of comic alive


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