News and Updates- For senran, oto nyan and Bokura

Im at work writing this so I am going to keep this short but keep people up to date.

Senran Kogura- Since the anime has appeared Comic Alive the main magazine for the main series has not released any new chapters so the last 3 issues have had no new chapters- We are working on releasing senran Kagura snake girls and should have a chapter this week, so the series is active and ongoing, we have just had the bad luck of no new chapters appearing in Comic Alive, so we are basically going to release only the snake girls volume 2 tank since no new chapter have appeared in comic alive.

Otonyan- Volume 7 has been scanned and we are working on the new chapters of amaharakun plus chapter 4, and crossdressing cram school, Ato no matsuri chapter 2, new miki and a new host of one shots.

Tokage no ou- In translations and I feel so bad for tokage you will understand why when you see the new chapter kick ass fight, just way to crazy for me made me feel bad for him


Ill repeat again to all the fans of bokura no kiseki, this manga is a bi monthly manga, meaning in japan only one chapter is released ever two months, 1 chapter. We are currently reaching the end of volume 6, which means one more chapter after chapter 20, and 3 chapters in volume 7, this manga is not a weekly or a monthly its released once every two months in japan and we are getting dangerously close to japan current, so bare with us if we dont want to release the last 4 chapters in one week and hear 2 months of people bitching or 5 months of death threat. People dont seem to understand if we release all the chapters back to back, than we are stuck with 5 months waiting for a  tank because we are not going to buy the magazine since in all honesty no one really  donates consistently to justify me buying the magazine every two months plus the death threats dont motivate me to buy the magazine for people who threaten my life, plus I rather wait for the tank. So if we release all last 4 chapters you are stuck waiting 5 months for a tank if your lucky. I am editing chapter 20 to release this week, I dont have chapter 21 since fanceli has not contacted us, can people understand once 20 is released we dont know when we will get 21 so asking me wont solve anything we are trying to spread the release out enough that your not stuck waiting 5 months for a new chapters and only have to wait a few weeks instead of a few months please be understanding and chill with the asking me when is next chapter because whats going to happen if we release all chapters back to back your stuck waiting 5 to 6 months for the tank.Please be considerate of the other series we work on and be considerate of our translator and me the editor who work on the series, this is not our only series I edit over 10 different projects on a weekly basis, and fanceli is a full time student, so bare with us we only have 4 chapters left until we are stuck waiting 5 to 8 months for the tank.

Also Thankyou to the people who donated in the last two months, moneys were used toward our monthly magazine purchases.


  1. My god... they're STILL complaining and sending death threats?! Well I probably shouldn't be surprised at all. But still... after all times you've explained things you would think they would get it by now.

    1. For some weird and unexplained reason people are under an assumption that this manga comes out weekly or monthly when in reality is only comes out bi monthly in japan, meaning one chapter every 2 months, we may of release quick but that was to catch up to present now we caught up its literally coming down to 4 chapters than we are waiting for tanks to be released, people dont want to understand this manga comes out slow in japan, they think 70 pages per chapter comes out weekly or something lol

    2. So you are still got the threats, NJ. Heh......., it must be really hard on you guys. I think that the threats already decreased. OMG! Please hang on guys. We are cheering on you.
      I also agree with your way of thinking. I don't want to wait for 5 months, hahahahaha.
      Have fun and a nice day!

  2. Who in the god forsaken hell are these people? What sort of logic dictates that an artist can draw 70 pages of high quality manga in a single month... much less a week? I have been following several web-comics these days, and the quickest I have seen is a page per day. The quality is nothing close to Bokura no Kiseki.

    Most of the yuri manga that I am following releases once every three months or so. I understand that Bokura is full of cliffhangers, but the wait is nothing... really.

    Also, to send death threats to the people that do something which they should be completely grateful for? What on earth is wrong with their brains???

    Incomprehensible idiots. That's probably what they are. You should not concern them even a second, I think. Thanks a whole for the series.

    1. Thank you for the support just so you know we are editing chapter 20, but Im worried because we still waiting for chapter 21 script from fanceli, so by releasing chapter 20 if i dont have 21 I am not looking forward to weeks of people complaining while Im waiting for scripts, its a catch 22 situation I release 20 I have to hear weeks of people saying where is 21 literally days after chapter 20, I lack patience to complaints especially when this is all being done for free lol

    2. I think you should release the chapter when you feel that it is the correct time to do so, regardless of when the chapter is actually completed. You should not be the person who has to tolerate pointless, unreasonable complaints. It is the readers who should learn how to be patient.

    3. I wish I could calmly release without people complaining, nobody care we have other releases and no one cares that not everyone is a fan of bokura but fans of our other series, Im typically a patient person but when I get threats for something that is literally done for free it really strips aways any motivation to do the editing, Like Im editing it now but people dont care except where is my chapter. Like when I released chapter 19 literally the next day 15 comments asking for next chapter. I edit for this group , my hentai group and our various joints plus work full time, last week people dont realize I collapsed from exhaustion from not sleeping for 3 days and editing and working just editing various releases, you know how it feels to collapse from exhaustion its scary, like everything goes black and you cant do nothing and you know for the split second your passing out and hoping you dont hit the floor hard, literally in one second before you lose conscious completely.

    4. Wow... I am a bit lost for words. I have never passed out before, but it sure as hell sounds scary. Shouldn't your health be your first priority? I mean, if you have to choose between getting some sleep and finishing up a release, I think sleep should be chosen most of the times. People are not going claw their throats to death Higurashi-style simply because some releases are not as frequent, and if they do... they probably deserve it.

  3. Just ignore the people who complain, they aren't worthy of the attention.

  4. Agreed with Angelus, don't even concern yourself with such people. Word of advice, the second you see a hate/troll message like that in your mail, just mark it as spam. Ignore it. Done. Won't have to read them or even bother with them. Kind of like an ignore function. You'll feel better.

    Thanks to the guys at Deus Ex Scans for their work. Keep it up!

    Looking forward to Snake Girls. ;)

  5. Yeah, mark them as spam, and don't even bother with them.
    I'm sure actually it's just one or two dumbasses who have nothing better to do who keep sending you those death threats. and compared to MANY and LOTS of us who support you, they're nothing. so please don't let them bother you. they aren't even worth a bit of your time.

    Anyway, thanks so much for the hardwork!

  6. Aww, that sucks how you're getting a bunch of threats/complaints. I'm hooked on "Bokura no Kiseki" and I desperately want another chapter, but I have NEVER complained to a group. Those people need to grow up.

    I still think you guys are doing a great job. :)

  7. Like everyone already said. Don't mind those brainless idiot !

    We're really grateful for the quality work you guys have given to us ! (for FREEEEEEE~~!)

    I just hope you guys don't get dishearted because of them...

    I really want to have those 4 chapter you have OwO
    But I don't want to wait 5 months for another chapter Dx
    So your decision is right. It's the best way to keep us from going insane !


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