Bokura No Kiseki Chapter 52- DON'T CRY

The truth comes to light! Witness the origin of Glen and how he and his mother came to live in the Belbania home! With that, join us as Deus Ex Scans is proud to present chapter 52 of "Bokura no Kiseki" ! Question of the day, did you cry.
Chapter 52


  1. This was a sad chapter... Thank you for your work!!

  2. No way! Christmas in June?! No words could ever describe the happiness I feel when I saw new chapter. Thank you very much for your hard work with this manga! :)

  3. There it is... Almost 5 years after Hiroki claimed to be Veronica, we finally know the total truth about her past identity. Only thing more exciting than this was seeing the volume 16 cover.


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